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Bell resounds over the Atlantic to Bülow

Lydia Holmer’s life is centering around the work in an orphanage in San Salvador. Even her illness has not made her give up.

 Her eyes are shining when she talks about the children of the orphanage "La Casa de mi Padre" - "My father's house" in San Salvador ( The name says it all, here children can find a home, experience what a family is and that their father in heaven always wants to be there for them, not in a merely religious way but in caring and supporting way. Lydia Holmer smiles silently for a moment. She worked in the orphanage for one year alongside Gary Powell, the main founder and leader of the project "La Casa de mi Padre". The 24-year-old nurse from Bülow, Germany, established the medical care for the children.

Yet in spring this year she had to return home because of health problems. The doctors diagnosed her with malignant bone cancer. Lydia Holmer fights against her illness. Her faith, family and friends give her the strength to do so. But also "her" children in San Salvador and the plans for the future of "La Casa de mi Padre" that is supposed to set an example for all of Central America with its work for and with the 30 to 40 children, of whom the youngest is two years and the eldest 18 years old. The young woman tells us about the farm that has already been purchased: "One day there are going to be eight houses. There is to be a private school and psychologists and nurses are to take care of the children." The plans are made but when they will be realized is not clear yet because the funds still need to be raised."

In the little village of Buelow Lydia Holmer herself is setting an example. Gary Powell told her on the phone that first of all a small chapel will be built and he asked her what she wanted most for that chapel. She did not have to think about it for a long time, she knew the answer right away. "The chapel is missing a bell", she said when she saw the construction plans. "In El Salvador bells are not that common but it would be nice if there was one ringing on the farm". On the Internet Lydia Holmer initiated the bell project (, and opened a donation account to be able to have the bell made in Germany and then shipped to San Salvador. The support she received for this project was overwhelming.

By now the bell is on its way. It was sent off in the port of Hamburg, in these days it is supposed to arrive in San Salvador. Lydia Holmer gives thanks, also in the name of the children and the other staff members of "La Casa de mi Padre", to all those who have offered their help so quickly and easily. "We will also be thankful for every donation that is still being made now", she says. Not only because in San Salvador duty fees and the installation of the bell in the bell tower still need to be paid for. If there is any money left it will be used to support the children in the orphanage, "They do not even have real tables and chairs for their daily life".

Lydia Holmer has to stay in bed but she keeps in touch with her friends in San Salvador from there. "It’s good to have skype", she is glad about this connection via Internet. Gary Powell has already announced that he will visit her in Bülow. Her father Johannes Holmer, pastor of the local church, is considering to invite him to church one evening so that he can tell them more about "La Casa de mi Padre". Donations can still be made: Förderkreis Geimeindeaufbau e.V. (Unterkonto La Casa de mi Padre), Evangelische Kreditgenossenschaft (EKK), BLZ 5206 0410, Nr. 207 320 078).

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